ConvaTec Supports Youth Rally

ConvaTec Supports Youth Rally


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ConvaTec supports Youth Rally as a wonderful opportunity for young people who may be learning to live life beyond their ostomy. Youth Rally is a summer camp that provides a non-threatening environment

ConvaTec is a proud supporter of Youth Rally. Designed to help children between the ages of 11 and 17 with bowel or bladder dysfunction, Youth Rally is a summer camp that encourages campers to achieve their goals, regardless of medical or physical differences.  

Each year ConvaTec sends its own employees, including ostomy nurses from the me+ team, to help support the campers during their week long activities. Each year the experience at Youth Rally leaves a lasting impression and many wonderful memories that shared with the broader ConvaTec team.   

Read memories from the ConvaTec Team: 

  • "It was an amazing experience seeing the strength of 150 young adults being so happy, courageous, and involved in activities that they otherwise would not have attempted." ~Sean Cramsey, Regional Sales Manager - US Ostomy
  • “Youth Rally teaches the campers that they aren’t alone, regardless of their medical diagnosis. It’s wonderful to see everyone make lasting friendships. ~Joan Jacoby, me+ WOC Nurse
  • “Youth Rally provides so many wonderful activities and the counselors do an excellent job in combining fun and education.” ~Amy Locke, me+ WOC Nurse
  • “Attending Youth Rally as a nurse was life changing for me. One of my favorite experiences was when we went kayaking on a lake. The smiles on the kid’s faces were priceless. One of the campers even said, 'I never thought I would be able to do things like this.'” ~Rachel Kaminski, me+ WOC Nurse
  • “It's amazing to see the return campers arrive with pure joy and meet up with their friends from past camps. I also enjoy the quiet moments observing the campers, doing 'normal' kid things, talking with friends, kayaking, swimming or dancing. They don't worry that they are different because they aren’t different at Youth Rally." ~April Kuhlman, me+ WOC Nurse
  • “My favorite memory of Youth Rally was when we took the campers to Belmont Park right on the Pacific Ocean. I was with a 10-year-old camper who has spina bifida and spends most of her time in a wheelchair. The counselors had a beach-chair with giant wheels so we got her right to the edge of the water. She had never been to the beach and never thought she would be able to get into the ocean. It was magic! ~Lorelei Yers, me+ WOC Nurse
  • “Volunteering for Youth Rally was a life changing experience for me. It was a joy to work with young people who many were away from home for the first time and having fun with other kids. One particularly great experience was teaching a young girl to swim. I had the pleasure of going back the next summer and was so happy to see her swimming independently and having fun!” ~Cyndy Newton, me+ WOC Nurse
  • "I have attended Youth Rally as a counselor and also a volunteer with ConvaTec.  Having a condition that can make you feel isolated and alone is the reality for these young people. For one week a year, with their Youth Rally family they belong, there is no explanations needed. They feel love, acceptance and a sense of belonging that is so very powerful in these formative teen years. At Youth Rally, it’s all about gaining the confidence and self-acceptance needed to be able to go out in the world and succeed. Youth Rally works so hard to educate, empower and encourage and it’s honestly magical." ~Sarah Biggart, Ostomysecrets Customer Service Manager

Attend Youth Rally

Youth Rally 2018 will take place in Boulder, CO, July 16th - 21st. It’s an amazing experience for attendees that’s both educational and inspirational. Camper applications are due June 1st. Get more information and download applications here.
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