Instagram Star, Meghan Brown, Shares How Easy Pouch Removal is with ESENTA™

Instagram Star, Meghan Brown, Shares How Easy Pouch Removal is with ESENTA™


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Did you know that you can opt to have ostomy surgery? That's what Meghan, aka @emc_brown on Instagram did after struggling with Crohn’s and Colitis. She has been wearing Convatec straight from surgery and has partnered with us to share what life is like living with an ostomy and the top products she uses including our full ESENTA™ skincare line.

“My ostomy allows me to do so many things that I once couldn’t - like comfortably enjoy a day at the beach! Prior to my ostomy, I would have been spending my day within proximity to the closest bathroom and hoping that I made it there in time.

My ostomy has given me so much freedom, allows me to live presently and enjoy the day. But when the day is over, I know I desperately need a bag change. I have had the opportunity to partner with @Convatecus and am loving their new line of skincare, ESENTA. The adhesive remover wipes are perfect for cleaning up any leftover residue.

After a long day, there is nothing better than a clean bag change to wake up fresh the next morning to conquer a new day!”


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More about Esenta™

Esenta™ Sting free skin barrier sprays and wipes that are skin care products that help provide silicone-based skin protection and fast and easy adhesive remover release. 

Esenta™ Sting free skin barrier sprays and wipes help create a breathable barrier on the skin and:

-Protects skin for up to 72 hours1

-Reduces the risk of skin damage and irritation

-Safe and effective even with frequent use

Esenta™ Sting free adhesive remover sprays and wipes:

-Reduces painful skin stripping and skin damage

-Quickly removes all adhesive residue

-Feels silky and smooth, no residue left behind

Esenta™ Lubricating deodorant helps prevent stool build up and odors before they start and:

-Its lubricating spray coats the pouch to prevent stool build up around the stoma that can compromise the seal

-Is made with natural eucalyptus, lavender, pine oils and other natural ingredients

-Is easy to use pump spray for use with both drainable and closed-end pouches

-It allows up to 68 applications per bottle when using 3 sprays per application


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1 Voegeli D, LBF® “No-Sting” Barrier Wipes: Skin Care Using Advanced Silicone Technology. British Journal of Nursing, 2008; Vol. 17: No. 7.