Fashion Tips for Women Living with an Ostomy

Author, Dana Marie Arnold, living with a colostomy since 2012

For me+ Community member, Dana Marie Arnold, ‘what to wear’ was a huge fear of Dana’s prior to ostomy surgery. Dana has overcome that fear, embracing style that reflects her personality and helps her to feel confident. We asked Dana what her tips and tricks were for women living with an ostomy.

If you are a woman who has just had or is facing surgery, here are my greatest tips for living with an ostomy:

  • The Ostomysecrets® wrap. This has been a game changer for wearing dresses, especially if they're loose. The wrap gives you the confidence that your bag is in place, and it can be worn with any outfit. 
  • For every day, I tend to wear high- or medium-waisted jeans with spandex material. These make me feel supported, to the point where I don't need to wear any extra support! 
  • High-waisted shorts or pants are always so much fun. Tuck in a cute top and you’ll feel polished. I like to gather my top in a bit of a knot and tuck it in on top of my bag, this way, you can't tell if the bunching is coming from the bag or the gathered material.
  • For tighter dresses, like for my wedding day, or when I'm going to a fancier event, I like to have a little bit more support. I actually have used more traditional shapewear. This just really ‘sucks everything in’ a little more for elevated confidence during special events - especially if you're going to go a while without wanting to use the restroom. 
  • Try turning your ostomy bag a little bit to the right, so that it's more horizontal than hanging straight down. This lessens the skin irritation from the bottom of the bag and makes me feel better when wearing more fitted clothing.
  • In general, I like wearing the mini pouches because I do feel so much more confident! Contact the me+ team of ostomy product specialists today to request a free product sample. 
  • I know this sounds obvious, but stay on top of changing your pouch every 3 days or so. There have been weeks where I've worn my bag for too many days, and it doesn’t make me feel great. A fresh, new bag and clean skin always increases my confidence. Even though people don't see it, I know I feel clean! 
  • For summer months, I LOVE a high-waisted bikini or a cute one-piece. I really love more modest fashion anyway, so this has been fun. Think 1950's bathing beauty - there are so many cute options nowadays!
  • For winter sports, I always make sure to wear high waisted yoga pants underneath everything and a tight long underwear top underneath all my layers. This makes me feel confident that everything is secure as I hit the slopes.


Do you have more questions about fashion tips or what to wear with your ostomy pouching system?  Contact the Ostomysecrets® team today to find out about functional fashion and ostomy apparel options, 1-877-613-6246 or  You can also live chat with the Ostomysecrets® staff today at



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Dana Marie

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