Fashion Tips for Men Living with an Ostomy

After ostomy surgery you can wear the same clothes as anyone else – and do it with style! Keep reading to hear some real fashion tips and tricks for men living with an ostomy.

  • Ostomy wraps and undergarments: first, and most important, everyone needs a Classic Wrap from Ostomysecrets®. These are absolute life savers. As well as creating a smoother visual pouch profile, they offer support if you have extra output and are unable to empty your pouch. I have tried several different wraps and by far this is my favorite, even before I started working for ConvaTec.
  • In the office: fortunately, styles have changed in the workplace over the years to a less formal dress code offering more opportunities for people living with an ostomy. I prefer wearing my shirts untucked, allowing for less constriction on my pouch and a more comfortable fit.  Paired with nice pants and a sport coat or blazer (when required) it creates a confident, stylish look. Between an untucked shirt and the Ostomysecrets® wrap, nobody ever knows or suspects I have an ostomy and are surprised when they find out. 
  • Untucked shirts: in general, untucked shirts help to hide or camouflage my pouch if I am experiencing high output. Occasionally, I prefer to give my waist a breather and not wear my ostomy wraps, and the untucked shirt is most comfortable and gives me more confidence.
  • Less form fitting items: one thing I no longer feel comfortable wearing is shirts that are slim fit, as it can get a little tight on my pouch – especially if I am unable to empty.  (But at my age, that may be more of a larger waist size rather due to my ostomy.)



The bottom line: there is no need to change your personal style and dress.

But there are things you can do to feel more comfortable and confident following this huge life change. With a few simple adjustments, your style can still reflect your personal style and preferences. 




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