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It’s only natural that you have questions about living with an ostomy. At ConvaTec, it’s our commitment stay close to your needs and help make ostomy care more seamless and comfortable.

That’s why we created me+, a support program designed to help you navigate life with an ostomy. Our goal is to make sure your ostomy needs are taken care of—so you can stop thinking about your stoma and focus on what really matters to you.


As a member of me+, you have full access to several benefits:

  • A team of ostomy nurses and product specialists available by phone or email to answer questions and offer advice
  • Personalized product sampling helping to ensure you are wearing the best product for you
  • me+ recovery, a gentle movements post-surgery recovery program to help you get back on your feet again
  • me+ answers, an in-depth online resources covering everything ostomy 
  • me+ community, highlighting real stories from others who have walked in your shoes

Living with an ostomy can take education, resources and support. With me+, we make sure you don't have to figure it out alone. 

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