Swimming with an Ostomy

Having an ostomy should not prevent you from swimming. Below are some helpful tips to get you feeling confident in the water, whether it’s in your own backyard pool, the beach or on a cruise.

Empty your pouch before swimming. Also, ensure your wafer has been on for at least an hour prior to getting wet.

Use a filter cover on your deodorizing filter to prevent water from entering the pouch. You can remove the cover once you are dry.

Always carry extra supplies in case you are somewhere where supplies may not be available. 


me+ Team Member Tip: "I tell people who are scared to swim with an ostomy to spend a few hours in the tub on a lazy day. If your pouching system holds up to that, then the pool should be a breeze." ~Sarah B.  


Do you have other questions about swimming with an ostomy?

The me+ team is available to provide support and resources that may help you feel more confident at the pool or beach this year. Call 1-800-422-8811 (M-F, 8:30 AM-7:00 PM ET) or send us an email to CIC@convatec.com.



One Size Does Not Fit All

You deserve a perfect fit. That’s why Ostomysecrets® is committed to providing you with swimwear that is designed to fit your lifestyle. Our specially designed inner pocket conceals and supports your ostomy system so you can feel cool and confident in and out of the water.


Swimming with an ostomy

"Exercise is now very much a blessing I experience day to day. It fills me with gratitude for life."  ~Sarah, Living with an ostomy since 2010

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"It was a huge shock when I needed emergency ileostomy surgery to treat life-threatening peritonitis. Even worse, the surgery didn’t go as planned, and I underwent five more operations over the next two years to treat various complications." Read more from Sarah and learn about her life with an ostomy.

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