Patient Assistance Program

As part of our mission, ConvaTec is committed to helping people living with ostomies overcome the challenges they face—including affording ostomy supplies.

Through the ConvaTec Ostomy Access Program, we provide ostomy supplies to financially eligible patients on a temporary basis, at no charge.* Patients who are uninsured and unable to afford the cost of ostomy supplies may be eligible.

To receive general information and a list of products covered by the program, please call our customer support line at 1-800-422-8811.

Note: While ConvaTec will make every effort to grant aid when needed, the program is limited by available resources and may be discontinued or changed at any time. This program is offered in the United States only (50 states and the District of Columbia). 

*Any product received is for own-use, is not for resale, and cannot be billed to any insurance company, patient or third-party payor, including but not limited to Medicare and Medicaid. Program is subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

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