Meet Makeda Armorer-Wade

Makeda fell ill as a young teenager. Starting with an upset stomach on Thanksgiving, she was soon launched into a roller-coaster of multiple surgeries, hospital stays, hundreds of doctor appointments, and numerous treatments. The phrase, “Get your papers in order.” was heard way too many times by her and her family.

Even as a sixteen-year-old, Makeda refused to hand the control of her life over to her diagnosis. She wanted to live. She learned how to dress and clean her own surgical wounds. She continued her high school education when she was told to just enjoy her last days. She excelled and passed her Regents Exam. She continued onto Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University because she would be in pain at home; so she might as well do something constructive and be in pain at school. When she longed for bread that she could no longer have, she made her own recipes.

Makeda vowed to be the perfect patient and formed a partnership with her doctors. She never just passively listened, but viewed every doctor’s appointment as an opportunity to actively advocate, research, and work side by side with those involved in her care. She was so dedicated to her nutrition and treatments that her gastroenterologist uses some of her techniques to assist his other patients suffering with Crohn’s.


Makeda is now a 2x best-selling author who uses her journey living with Crohn's Disease to educate and help those with this diagnosis to create their own new normal.  In her book, "Crohn's Interrupted: Living Life Triumphantly," she gives a real-life account of her journey, taking readers through her life with the disease, how she defied the odds, and ultimately conquers accomplishment after accomplishment. Check it out here.


Through sharing her story, Makeda aims to provide inspiration and hope to as many Crohn’s Warriors, that their diagnosis is not a death sentence. Her inspiration, determination, and drive pushes her to achieve her goals and add to her success.


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