What's On the Menu?

You’ve just left the hospital with your brand new ostomy. Somewhere in the piles of discharge paperwork there is most likely, THE LIST. Did you receive the list? I know I did, all the things you can never eat again because of your ostomy.

14 years into my ostomy journey, that list is just not applicable. However, what is true for one person living with an ostomy is not necessarily true for all.

When I was first home and recovering, I would eat small, bland meals. Slowly, I would add different foods to my diet. Pay attention to your body’s response when adding new foods to your diet, especially those on the list. Remember, if something made you gassy before surgery, that will remain true after surgery. I have found that I have to be mindful of foods that look the same coming out as they did going in.

To this day, I am careful about chewing well and drinking lots of water. Since hydration is a concern for people living with an ostomy, I always carry a water bottle. Through time, you will learn what should appear on your ostomy menu.

Right out of surgery, you may be more sensitive to foods than you will be in six months. To help reduce or eliminate excess gas in the pouch, try our Diamonds™ Gelling Sachets with ActiveOne™ Odor Control.

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