Post-Stoma Surgery: Taking a Flight

Ryan Decker, had an ileostomy from 2012 to 2015

Take your shoes off. Take off your belt, your jacket and your watch. Take your laptop out of your luggage and empty your pockets. Airport security is complicated. And now that you have a stoma, it can be even more challenging. But there are tips and tools to ensure your easy passage through security.

How to Make Flying a Breeze

These tools and steps will help make your flying experience less stressful:

Travel communication card

This card, provided by the United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. (UOAA), can quickly and discreetly explain your situation and aid in dealing with airline security. You can download and print your own card here

Pre-cut skin barriers

If you use cut-to-fit skin barriers, pre-cutting some at home will make things easier if you need to change your pouch on the plane or during your travels. Or, use Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers.



Check the weather forecast for your destination

Warm weather may affect how your skin barriers adhere to your skin, by making the adhesive between your pouch and skin weaker. Be aware of the weather at your destination and prepare accordingly. 

Pack extra supplies

Be prepared for anything by packing supplies in your carry-on and in your checked luggage. Pack one of everything you need into a small tote or purse so you can get to it easily in the airport or on the plane without digging through your luggage. Plus, airplane restrooms are tiny, so you don’t want to wrestle a backpack or roll-aboard in with you.

taking flight


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