Food for thoughts. Bite-sized experiences from our me+ advocates.

We all have different tastes and palates. Some of us love savoury foods, others prefer sweet courses. And then there are those of us who like both in equal measure!

The important thing to remember is what suits one person, might not suit another. So, we asked our me+ advocates for their bite-sized food experiences.


Glen Neilson



"In 2019 I had the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and learnt first-hand the absolute importance of good hydration. I tell everyone to use Dioralytes because when we sweat, we lose vital minerals that water alone simply can’t replace."

Chris Done



"Personally, I eat pretty much everything in moderation. Curry, baked beans, garlic. Everything! The way I look at it is if you’re prepared to empty your bag a bit more often, you’ll be fine. The trick is to keep a food diary and make a note of what works for you and what doesn’t."

Richard Tyas



"Marshmallows are great for thickening up my output, a tip I learnt through social media."

Slaide Bowden



"I’m really lucky that I can now eat anything I want. If I eat corn, kale and broccoli, I’ll have a bit more output than I normally have. But it’s no big deal. The biggest thing for me is to stay on top of my hydration."

Chris Livett



"I can eat pretty much everything I ate before surgery really. The only things I personally have to avoid are things like sweetcorn, peanuts and beansprouts as they tend to go in whole and come out whole too! Beetroot is a bit of a funny one as well. When you see your output, it looks a bit brighter than it normally does - let’s just say that…"

Tim Egerton



"I eat quite a lot of salad and if I am going to have veg I just make sure it’s cooked through well. I tend to avoid curry as I had quite an eventful night once. During the night my bag had basically inflated to the size of a zeppelin and so I rushed to the loo to avoid the inevitable explosion! I thought to myself that night, I’m never having curry again!"

Please note, none of the points raised in this blog are recommended tips. They are simply personal experiences. Everyone has different tastes, but we all should enjoy a healthy, balanced, nutritional diet.

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