Sleeping with an Ostomy

Learning how to sleep again after ostomy surgery may sound odd. After all, we’ve been sleeping since the day we were born. But when you have a stoma, your old sleep positions may need a little adjustment. Here are some tips:

Put pillows around you to prevent you from rolling over on your pouch.

Wear a shirt to bed that's a couple of sizes too small; it will help keep your pouch snug against your body while you sleep.

Try sleeping on your back. It may take a little getting used to, but after a while it can become second nature.

Be conscious of your pouch’s condition. Be ready to empty or change your pouch at night, if necessary.

Pillow Talk: Secrets for a Good Night's Sleep

As these people living with an ostomy will tell you, sleeping gets easier with time.






If you have a urostomy, ask a ConvaTec product specialist about a night drainage system. It collects urine throughout the night so you don’t have to drain your pouch.

If you have a high-output ileostomy, ask a ConvaTec product specialist about high-output pouches. They may allow you to sleep through the night without interruption.


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Whether you are living with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy, ConvaTec has products designed to help you get back to life following ostomy surgery.

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