Post-Ostomy Surgery: Dos and Don’ts of Exercise

Exercising after ostomy surgery is about patience and doing what feels right. It’s important to take your time and know your limits. When you begin working out again, you may run into some challenges or limitations. Be patient and don’t give up. Before long, nothing will stand in your way.

Optimal Ostomy Exercises

After ostomy surgery, many people may find these activities to be easier than others. But before starting any new exercise, talk to you doctor to make sure you're ready.

   Core muscle conditioning 

People who have an ostomy are at greater risk for having weakened core due to years of digestive or bladder issues, coupled with surgery. Building back core stability and flexibility is important, as it makes exercises and routine activities easier. Here are a few basic exercises to get started:

  • Hip Extensions
  • Upper Body Extensions
  • Arm/Leg Extensions
  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Bridging



Swimming is great exercise. It works your whole body without putting strain or pressure on your stoma. Most ostomy pouching systems are water resistant, even for swimming. First, ensure that your pouching system is securely in place. Then, cover the vent on your deodorizing filter with a filter cover to prevent water from entering the pouch. Click here for more tips for swimming with an ostomy.


Get your steps in. Walking is a simple and energizing way to exercise. When walking, you can build up fitness at your own pace. Walking can also reduce stress and constipation.


Choose an activity you enjoy. Running, jogging, swimming, climbing, skiing; when it comes to working out with an ostomy, you shouldn’t be prevented from staying fit the way you want to.



Time to Gear Up

ActiveLife® one-piece products are simple, easy-to-use ostomy systems that combine the skin barrier and pouch into one unit. These lightweight and flexible products are great for exercising, as they can be easily replaced and drained.

Also consider SUR-FIT Natura® two-piece systems. SUR-FIT Moldable skin barriers are available with an acrylic tape collar, which is great for managing moisture—either from perspiration or water sports. This skin barrier can be combined with a Natura®+ closed-end or mini pouch—the perfect combination for swimming and water sports.

Products to Make a Splash       

Ostomysecrets® offers a line of swim apparel that features an inside pocket to conceal and secure your pouch. These comfortable shorts, wraps, bottoms and trunks give you freedom and confidence while enjoying the beach, pool, lake or boat.

Men's Swimming Trunks

Ladies Swim Bottom


The me+™ recovery series may be right for you.

The me+™ recovery series, provides information and support about the importance of movement and physical activity after ostomy surgery.

Too many people are worried about harming themselves by doing physical activity, when in fact there are so many benefits to being active. To address this, we developed the me+ recovery series which is based-on gentle movements - guiding users through their recovery after ostomy surgery and beyond.


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