Managing Humidity and Extending Pouch Wear Times with an Ostomy

For people living with an ostomy, humid climates and certain situations may cause concern in pouch wear time. The me+ support team has put together some useful tips just for you to help optimize your pouch wear time.

Feel more confident about facing humidity with these tips:

Review your peristomal cleaning routine. Using baby wipes or cleaners that include moisturizers may affect your pouch seal in hot, humid weather. Clean your peristomal skin with warm water and a simple bar of soap. Learn more about bathing and showering with an ostomy here.

Try a barrier wipe or spray before applying your pouch. Sensi-Care™ Sting Free Skin Barrier Wipes create a barrier film that protects the skin from the damaging effects of adhesives, body waste and enzyme attack. Using the barrier wipes in combination with Stomahesive® Powder may help extend overall pouch wear time. If you’d like to learn more on how to use these products, contact our me+ Team at 1-800-422-8811 today.

If you are in a humid climates or tend to perspire more, try a pouch with a Stomahesive® barrier and an acrylic tape collar. The SUR-FIT Natura® Skin Barrier provides a unique formula that enables the skin barrier to adhere to both dry and moist skin. 

If you are having an issue with tape collars starting to peel, try adding ease™ Strips around the skin barrier where it meets the skin. 

Using an eakin Cohesive® Seal with your pouching system may help absorb additional moisture. eakin Cohesive® Seals can help prevent leaks and skin irritation by forming an absorptive barrier around your stoma. 

Try using an ostomy belt or wearing an Ostomysecrets® wrap to help keep your pouch secure and supported against your body, which may help increase wear time.

More often pouch changes may be required. You may find in humid climates and situations that you need to change your pouch more often.


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